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Workwear Tips for Keeping Cool in Summer

While we all look forward to sunny skies, beach trips, fresh summer fruits and daylight savings, it is worth giving some thought to the challenges summer brings for those of us that will continue working through the hot days. Heat waves can be a particularly tough time for everyone working outside as well as the office workers and commuters. So here are some tips on the best workwear to choose to stay cool and collected in the summer months.

  • Mesh Shirts: Mesh shirts are available as polo’s, T-shirts and singlets and are a workwear essential for everyone working outside this summer. The mesh panels on these workwear shirts provide effective ventilation so the wearer doesn’t overheat or get too sweaty and smelly. The workwear shirts are available in polyester for easy care or cotton mixes for extra breathability.

  • Long Sleeve Shirts: Another workwear essential for those working outside are long sleeve shirts. Although it may seem anathema to keeping cool, covering up in summer is necessary to prevent sunburn. Workwear that is breathable and comfortably fitted with long sleeves is the easiest way to protect oneself from harmful UV rays as there is no need to constantly take breaks from work to reapply sunscreen.

  • Light Fabrics: The easiest way to stay cool in summer is to choose workwear made from lightweight fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen or summer weight wool. These fabrics are breathable and delicate, while still being perfectly suitable for a variety of workplaces, from the office to the construction site. For commuters, layers of lightweight workwear are perfect for dealing with the difference in temperature from the busy train to the air-conditioned office.

  • Crisp Shirts: It can be easy to slip into a more comfortable aesthetic as the weather gets warmer. When chucking out the heavy jackets, multiple layers and thermal underwear, it can be tempting to slip on T-shirts and shorts to the office. Maintaining an impressive image is essential for so many occupations, however, so it is important to wear structured and polished workwear throughout the year. Complement your workwear with clean, freshly ironed white shirts to easily achieve a chic look for summer.

Summer is a great time to experiment with your workwear. This summer, try following these tips as well as trying out a few new colours and styles.



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