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Promotional Bottles and Drinkware Make a Powerful Impact

Customised promotional bottles and drink ware is a very popular promo item largely because of its availability in a huge variety of styles, uses, and materials. Think: elegant glass trumpet flute to rugged travel mug; stubby shot glass to sleek aluminium sport bottle. Now, envision promoting your brand or bringing awareness to your cause with drink ware custom printed with your logo and design, and all at the right price.

Promotional Bottles and Drinkware provide a Powerful Impact

Imprinted with your logo and design, promotional bottles and drinkware products are ideal for the promotion of your brand. It makes a great tradeshow giveaway, corporate gift, and thank-you present for clients. Fundraising is easy with a beautiful and useful item. Buying in quantity will keep the price to you down, and custom-printed, functional beverage-ware will reflect your brand’s quality and unique nature.

If your firm is participating in a bridal fair, a wonderful tradeshow giveaway for the soon-to-be bride is a trumpet flute customised with your company’s logo and contact information. Dress it up with a ribbon tied around its stem. Go ahead and drop a piece of chocolate into the glass with a little card describing the wedding services your business offers.

To commemorate an exceptional event, honour a special customer, or acknowledge an employee’s hard work, give serious thought to a custom-printed, mouth-blown set of one 28-ounce glass pitcher, crowned by an 8-ounce tumbler that fits over the top. This clever item will keep the water fresh on a desk, at the bedside, or in a boardroom.

When you need a thank-you gift for a client you know well, you might try matching a beverage container to their personality and interests. An active person will appreciate a handwritten note of thanks placed inside a stainless steel water bottle with BPA-free lining. A beer enthusiast might like to find your note in a pub or pilsner glass.

Impress a prospective client with a porcelain tumbler designed to look just like the paper cups used by popular, high-end coffee purveyors. They even sport a silicon rubber grip that looks just like a paper “jacket” placed around the drink. This promotional tumbler is no throw-away paper cup. In fact, if this environmentally-friendly, reusable container is presented at certain national coffee establishments; the bearer may receive a 10-cent discount on their drink purchase.

Consider promotional ceramic mugs. Everyone we know uses and reuses them for hot drinks. This is so popular an item that, with the right design printed on a mug, you can count on powerful results. Even the mug’s handle can be customised.

Glass stemware and stemless wine glasses are drinking vessels aimed at a high-end market. They are a wonderful choice for fund raising. Your logo and message will appear on something that will remind donors of their contribution to a good cause and/or their participation in a special event.

Use promotional bottles and drinkware imprinted with your logo and design as part of an employee recognition program. Acknowledge your appreciation for the efforts of your staff, your volunteers, or your donors. Say thank you to booth visitors at a tradeshow with swag that won’t be thrown away.

SK Promotional Products carry a variety of popular, customised, drinkware items that will create a powerful impact. You can put these products to good use increasing brand recognition or boosting awareness for a cause. The right promotional product at the right price is out there for you.



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