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Improved your Business Image with branded Workwear

Almost gone are the days of an employee, in any industry, wearing any old thing they like when working. Regardless of the industry you will notice that now there is much more of a trend towards branded workwear than there was in the past. With business owners focusing more on the overall display of their business to the world rather than concentrating purely on what they offer to their customers. With this change comes a greater appreciation by customers for professionals in any area to be well groomed.

As more and more companies improve their business branding and awareness they are taking advantage of advertising tools. One of the ways that this is being achieved is with the use of branded workwear and corporate uniforms for staff. The embroidering of business shirts, jackets, overalls, caps and the like bring together the overall business package.

If you put together two groups of construction workers, as an example, one group is wearing tidy work clothing, matching or not matching coloured shirts but without any branding included. The other group is also wearing tidy clothing, not necessarily matching coloured shirts but all of the staff members have the company logo on their shirts. Which of the two groups do you think comes across as the more professional without having seen any of the work either group has completed? Most people would answer that the second group appears the more professional.

The benefits of having your corporate image on workwear are numerous. Your staff will project a company image as professional and you also instill a sense of pride in your employees when they have good quality branded workwear as part of their uniform. The benefit to the employer therefore is a more professional business image as well as added advertising with the branding aspect.

You can of course choose to go with a printed brand option over an embroidered option however the advantages of embroidered workwear is that there is less fading and wearing evident over time which means that good quality clothing and embroidery will be able to be used for a longer period by your employees than printed alternatives.

Branded workwear can be found very easily and in options to suit most businesses. Reputable suppliers will take care of the entire process, they will include the embroidery charges in the garment purchase and they require that you sign off on the final embroidered results before completing the transfer of the image to your required workwear clothing. Make sure to look for suppliers that offer recreating your corporate logo in up to 10 000 embroidery stitches. Many suppliers will only offer a small 5000 stitch embroider which will not cover most logos options.

Logos are an important part of the branding process. Having a logo and using it as a branding tool enables current and potential customers to easily identify your company and your product or services. Using embroidery rather than printing offers even further benefits in an advertising sense giving a more corporate image.

Branded workwear using embroidery is a more professional option than printing. This makes your business appear more professional giving your business more standing in the eyes of your current or future customers. The true fact being that embroidered logos are far more affordable than you would think, as well as being a more hardwearing and long term option than printing for your branded workwear.

If you are interested in presenting a more professional and cohesive business image to your customers and improving your overall brand marketing with a business or corporate uniform then you should check with us to see what options are available to you.



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