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How to Choose Corporate Workwear

Your Workwear Requirements

You’ll need to decide what items or work clothing you and your staff actually need? Although you might be tempted by a catalogue full of products, it’s important not to go overboard. You might need specific safety clothing, or colours, or might need lots of layers if your staff works outside.

Indoor or Outdoor Workwear

It’s important to remember that you’re staff need to be at the right temperature whilst they are working. If your staff are working in a shop, factory, or warehouse then it’s much easier for them to warm up or cool down compared to staff that are working outside, perhaps in remote areas.

Comfortable Workwear

Because they still have a job to do, it’s important that your staff are comfortable in their corporate workwear, and that they can still move their arms, and walk properly

Good Fitting Workwear for men and women

It’s important that your workwear fits well. If your staff is working outside then they’ll want to be protected from the elements, and not leave areas exposed, or be uncomfortable.

Corporate Workwear can boost productivity

Your corporate workwear might need have plenty of pockets and easy to use zips, or other features, so that your staff can perform their tasks easily, especially if they’re be working outside in winter.

Workwear Durability

If you’re investing in corporate workwear, then durability will be essential. You’ll want to make sure that your work clothing lasts, and is suitable for the job. You might be putting the health and safety of your staff, or the reputation of your company at risk with poor quality clothing.

Safetywear and Safety Workwear

You might need your workwear to meet specific safety standards, or be designed to be suitable for the jobs that your staff do. What high visibility workwear do you need?

Workwear Image

You’ll need your workwear to project the right image of your company. You’ll want to be seen as professional, yet approachable.

Workwear for advertising and brand promotion

For additional advertising and brand promotion, you’ll want your company logo and contact details to be prominent on your workwear, without being overpowering. How many people will be exposed to your brand if on a daily basis?

Cost of Corporate Workwear

The cost of introducing corporate workwear will be offset by the fact that your staff will look the part when they turn up to do a job, and that so many more people will be exposed to your brand on a daily basis. As your company reputation grows thanks to more satisfied customers and clients, and you gain more business, you’ll be generating more revenue.

Now you know what you need and what to look for, perhaps now is the time to contact SK Promotional Products and we can help you choose your corporate workwear.



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