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10 Steps to new corporate workwear

Do you need new workwear for your employees? If so, here is a 10 step guide to making the right choices.

Ordering new corporate workwear

Your first step should be to think about the reason for ordering new workwear. If it is because your current clothing has worn and needs replacing, then you may want to consider choosing a more expensive, better quality brand of clothing to offer greater longevity. If you are looking to boost productivity then you will have other considerations, such as making sure the workwear is highly practical.

Make a list of your corporate workwear requirements and sizes

Next up, think about which members of your team could benefit from new workwear. Make a list for each employee of what they need.

Talk to your employees

It’s also a good idea to talk to the employees and get their input. They may be able to offer suggestions as to what type of corporate workwear they require or have ideas about clothing features that could help them.

Corporate Workwear should meet minimum legal requirements

Make sure you’re fully aware of the legal requirements when it comes to clothing for each of the people you employ. By adhering strictly to these requirements, you are ensuring your employees’ safety and protecting your company from legal problems.

Corporate Workwear can boost productivity

Think about any additional features you think could boost productivity, such as body warmers that provide freer movement or trousers with more pockets.

Workwear for men and women

Consider how you want your team to look when in their new workwear. Customer-facing staff may need to look especially presentable in order to make a good impression.

Branded Workwear

Make sure you stay on brand. There is often a wide selection of colours and styles available for your workwear, so you can make sure your team are consistent with each other and the branding of the business.

Custom Printed Workwear

Make sure you have your company details included on the clothing. Printed or embroidered workwear can help boost brand awareness and give your team a more professional look.

Corporate Workwear colours

Before you order, consult with your team one last time. Make sure they’re happy with the items you’ve chosen, as their buy-in will help ensure the smooth transition from their old workwear to the new clothing. If it helps, consider offering a few choices to your team, such as whether to have polo shirts or t-shirts, or picking between two colours.

Great Value Corporate Workwear

Think about how to get the best value for your money. This may involve spending a little more now on getting high quality items to avoid costly replacements further down the line.

Sydney Supplier of Custom Workwear and Promotional Clothing

If you are ready to place an order for new corporate workwear, then you’ll need to find a supplier to help you. Promotional clothing can offer a major boost for your business from brand awareness to productivity.



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